April 3, 2016

Bronco System Reduces Labor from 4 Men to 2 For Building Big Pallets


Vermont Recycler Growing by Tim Cox Pallet Enterprise 8/1/1999


The Vermont company's biggest single customer, in terms of sales, required an 82 inch pallet. The second, large Bronco reduced the labor...

March 29, 2016




 Place Runners 5 sec.


Place Bottom Deck Boards 5 sec.

Nail Bottom Deck Boards To Runners 9 Sec.

Flip Pallet Over 3 sec.

 Place Top Deck Boards 8 sec.

Nail Top Deck Boards To Runners 12 sec.

Stack Finished Pallet 4 sec.


March 29, 2016

Last month we told you how Fred added $18,000 per month by sorting and repairing some of the pallets he was receiving to dismantle for the reclaimed lumber to use on his combination pallets.

Fred's customer, BASF called him one day and said they liked his quality work a...

March 29, 2016

Last month we told you how Fred got back one of his major accounts, ADM Chemical, by building combination pallets. He was able to compete with recyclers in the area and give his customers a better product.
Fred realized that while bringing in the old pallets to tear ap...

March 28, 2016

One of Fred's regular customers, ADM Chemical, started ordering fewer and fewer pallets and within two weeks they had stopped ordering completely. He got in his pickup and drove by their plant one day and low and behold there it was - recycled pallets where Fred's pall...

March 28, 2016


Last month we told you how Fred saved more than $160,000 over a five year period by installing two Bronco Pallet Assembly Systems in his shop. As you already figured out, Fred had three nailing tables before he bought his first two Broncos.

Fred had been making a small...