Model 3011 GX With Corner Cutter

Model 2011 GX With Corner Cutter

  • 25' x 8' foot print

  • Automatically Stacks Completed Pallets. Your Operator Never Has To Handle Them

  • Shamfers the four corners of the pallet automatically, no pre cutting of lumber

  • Angled  Table Provides for Easier Reach for Nailing and Placing Lumber

  • More Versatile For Various Sizes And Styles Of Pallets And Skids Using New Or Recycled Lumber

  • Decreases Demand On Forklift Operator because of stack dispenser 

  • Less Interruption To Nailing Operator For Greater focus on  Pallet Production.

  • Lighter, Easier To Use Nailgun

  • Less Operator Fatigue Means More Effective Nailing

  • Stringer or Block Pallet production of one pallet minute..

  • Works Well With Recycled Lumber

  • 220 vac 50 amp, 120 psi @ 20cfm