• Automatic Nailing System with Optional Powered Nailing Gantry

  • The Top is Nailed on the Right-to-Left Pass and the Bottom is Nailed on the Left-to-Right Pass

  • Coils of 3000 Collated Nails Mean Less Time Spent Loading Nails

  • One Man Operation

  • Power Rollout and Accumulator Means Less Interruption to Operator and Less Demand on Forklift

  • Completed Pallets Are Automatically Stacked and Counted, Signaling Operator When A Stack is Completed with a Daily Total Count

  • Minimal Operating Space

  • 110 Volt AC and 90 to 120 PSI Air

Mustang 4000 Automatic Nailing System

Mustang 4000 Automatic Nailing System