Eight Conveyor System for 5 to 15 ft. Pallets, In line 10 ft. Sections

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Eight conveyor system for 5 to 15 ft. pallets, In line 10 ft. Sections
Two conveyor transfer system left or right for 5ft. to 15ft. pallets, in line 14 feet sections
Two conveyor system scissor lift to rotate pallet 180°, 5ft. to 15ft. pallets, 12ft. sections
Two conveyor sections to transfer 5ft. or 15ft. pallets left and right 14ft. sections

Four in-line, low profile power transfer conveyor sections, for 5ft. to 15ft. pallets, in 12ft. sections




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Bronco Pallet Nailing Systems Work With Recycled Lumber

US Patent Number 5,355,575



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