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How Fred Saved An Additional $1,000 Per Month

Last month we told you how Fred saved more than $160,000 over a five year period by installing two Bronco Pallet Assembly Systems in his shop. As you already figured out, Fred had three nailing tables before he bought his first two Broncos.

Fred had been making a small quantity of 72 inch pallets on his third table for a customer who was very satisfied. Now the customer wants to increase the size of the order. Fred called Bronco to discuss how he could make these oversize pallets as easily as the smaller ones.

The Bronco representative told Fred about the variety of custom designed systems that were available to suit virtually every customer need. Fred said that he liked the idea of a custom machine, but because he bought two Broncos last month, he is a little short of cash this month and wanted to know about financing. His representative described the lease-to-own programs that are available, and how they allow our customers to start saving money the very first month of operation.

Within a matter of a few weeks, Fred had his new custom designed Bronco Assembly System installed that could handle both the larger size that he needed and the regular size pallets. And with the new lease program, Fred is saving more than $1,000 every month over and above his lease payment, and increasing his profits and production levels!

Isn't it time you started increasing your profits and your production.

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