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How Fred Saved Over $160,000

Fred owns a pallet shop with 10 workers producing approximately 900 pallets per day. Fred contacted Bronco and installed one Bronco Pallet Assembly System in his pallet shop.

Soon after installation Fred noticed he could now produce 950 pallets a day with one less man. Fred increased production by 6% and reduced his payroll by $20,000 in the first year.

Fred quickly realized the benefits of using the Bronco Pallet Assembly System and placed an order for the second Bronco Pallet Assembly System. After installing the second system and receiving the expert training from the Bronco installer, Fred was off and running.

Again, Fred soon realized that his production had now increased to 1000 pallets per day with two less men. Fred had increased production by 11% and reduced his payroll by $40,000 annually operating two Bronco Pallet Assembly Systems.

Fred then looked at his business for the next five years. He realized that by installing the Bronco Pallet Assembly Systems, he would save over $160,000 during that time in payroll costs that was profit in Fred's pocket.

Isn't it time you started increasing your profits and your production.


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