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How Fred Added A $51,000 Per Month Block Pallet Account.

Last month we told you how Fred added $18,000 per month by sorting and repairing some of the pallets he was receiving to dismantle for the reclaimed lumber to use on his combination pallets.

Fred's customer, BASF called him one day and said they liked his quality work and service and wanted him to bid on some block pallet for their European customer. Fred was excited, but had never built block pallets. He called Bronco to see if they had a system to build block pallets. To Fred's suprise the Bronco representative told him he could build them on one of the Broncos he already had!

So by adding one man on a second shift producing 300 block pallets per day Fred was able to add $51,000 a month to his gross sales.

Fred said with the labor savings from his block pallet account he could pay for another Bronco System in less than 9 months and go back to one shift.

Isn't it time you started increasing your profits and your production?


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