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What People Are Saying About Bronco Pallet Systems Inc

Bronco System Reduces Labor from 4 Men to 2 For Building Big Pallets

Vermont Recycler Growing by Tim Cox Pallet Enterprise 8/1/1999

The Vermont company's biggest single customer, in terms of sales, required an 82 inch pallet. The second, large Bronco reduced the labor required to assemble the large pallet from four men to two. It’s been worth its weight in gold, said Rick. That took the ache out of the word backache. You can’t justify not having one, said Rick. You take a used runner and a used board and set it up like a new pallet, and away you go.

Bronco systems not only paid for themselves…

Keeping It Simple by Johnny Smith The Forest Industry Magazine 1/1/2001

I researched the market for pallet manufacturing machinery that would pay for itself and still make me some money, Jimmy said. With the added production and lower labor costs, the Bronco systems not only paid for themselves, they increased employee pay and company income. Jimmy has been using the Broncos for several years now, and is extremely pleased with their performance. We’ve had the Broncos for almost six years and they have been virtually trouble free. They do exactly what I want them to and they never break down.

…we have doubled our production and sales

Spartan Supply Co, Inc. Lebanon, Ohio

This thank you is late in coming, however, it is very sincere. We can’t thank you enough for the advice and help you have given Spartan Supply Together with your help, dedication, and knowledge we have doubled our production and sales. We look forward to a continuing relationship between you and Spartan to make our company a most impressive operation. Once Again many THANKS, you are greatly appreciated.

…it has not only helped to increase productivity (20-30%)..

Mangold Transport Rochester, New York

Thank you very much for your time and expertise in installing the new equipment we have recently purchased from your company. We feel that it has not only helped to increase productivity (20-30%), but it also is showing to be more ergonomically correct. We have had no cases of injury, (back strain) etc. since the installation. We are also grateful for the experience and helpful hints that you also brought with you. It is refreshing to know that there are still some companies that are willing to provide service and support, and are not just interested in making the sale.

It has made our jobs much easier and faster...

Customer in Louisiana

The Bronco Pallet machine was just what I was looking for so I bought a second one. It has made our jobs much easier and faster. I am very well satisfied with my Bronco Pallet machines. It has been 9 months since I have purchased my first Bronco machine and we have built different sizes of pallets. When I purchased my Broncos I had in mind to build pallets, which I have done, but I’ve also built a friendship with Bronco Pallet Systems, Inc.

…we wonder how we accomplished our productivity without the Bronco 2001.

F.J. Pallet Service Arvada, Colorado

After several discussions we made a decision to lease the Bronco 2001. Our

business had increased anddemanded more special sized pallets. We find that we can do repairs as well as build new. Today after two months of use, we wonder how we accomplished our productivity without the Bronco 2001. Our previous method was primitive and now we look more professional and efficient.


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